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About Our Founder

Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Dancer & Choreographer

Teresa has been dancing since early childhood.

She founded this Dance Tribes Project
to promote global dancers & choreographers
for cultural exchange & enrichement.

Teresa began her dance training at age 9, studying Ballet, Tap & Pointe/Toe. She was dancing at college level while still in high school. During her high school years, Teresa was the Class Choreographer.

When she finally attended college, she quickly joined Dance Troupes of varying styles: Modern, Latin, Indian, to broaden her repertoire. She introduced her college dance department to interactive media.

After college, Teresa produced her own Dance Meditation TV Show in the San Francisco area of Marin County. She produced videos of dance for 3-Time Grammy winning producer as well as the directory of Virtuosity & Lawn Mower Man, as well was hired to demonstrate interactive dance technology to Billy Idol.

Now Teresa is available again, and looks forward to connecting with you.

To contact Teresa, CLICK HERE.

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