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Tribal Fusion & Persian Dance

As we explore global dance tribes, we are delighted to find Mor Geffen and her Tribal Fusion & Persian Dance on Patreon. You don’t have to leave your home to learn from her. Choose from three different memberships.

From her lips:

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to my school!
My name is Mor Geffen and it’s very nice to meet you 🙂
I’m a multi-style award winning dancer, a certified Dance Yoga and Pilates instructor, Internal & external, personal Women’s Empowerment Coach.
I have performed and taught workshops around the world: Germany, Japan, Portugal, Switzerlad, Las Vegas, & Israel.
At my school, I teach & share all my knowledge and experience in movement, conscious living, fashion and beauty-so that you too will become the best version of yourselves.
Let’s begin!

Here’s a glimpse:

#morgeffen #gypsydance #dancetribes #tribalfusiondance #persiandance #globaldance #ethnicdancefestival #ethnicmusicanddance

Dancing Freedom

Upcoming online Dance Meditation class with Gary Wohlman from Australia. This class will be 4-6pm Pacific — still seeing which day of the week is best.

This is an opportunity to move the grief, fear, anger and rage all of us are feeling in our bodies right now – to move these stored and stuck energies out of (y)our CAGE, and awaken the SAGE within to a new PAGE & STAGE for yourself, for all of humanity ~ together we will generate clarity, renewed energy and joy to propel all of us forward in a renewed life direction.

Visit his new “Dancing Freedom with Gary Wohlman” Facebook page, where you can enter into dynamic dialogue with him and his growing community, as well.

CLICK Here for the link to this new community page: