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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a global community of wholesome environments where you can explore creative movement to a range of music, in a meditative context.

“Ecstatic Dance as we know it began in the year 2000 AD, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Little did we know that this would inspire a movement, a culture, and a community, that would spread across the world.

“For many years, it was common for most Conscious Dance Communities to use live and acoustic music, and many of them were not quite yet ready to embrace the electronic wave.  At that time, attempting this meant mixing two long/boring songs together, and subwoofers were needed in order to feel the beat. Above all, there was still a lack of willingness of the dancers to accept this new “techno” sound.

“But this all changed in 2000, with the help of Max Fathom. Coming from his pre-existing Conscious Dance community in Austin, Texas, Max was on his way to dance in Hawaii when he decided to make a stop-over at Burning Man. Here, he fell in love with this new Electronic Music, and set about to blend the two. When he arrived at Kalani, on the big island of Hawaii, Max found a dance gathering run by Bodhi Tara using mixtapes for their soundtrack. Upon Bodhi’s departure from Hawaii, Max was asked to organize a new dance in it’s place. Little did he know that this decision would change the course of Conscious Dance Culture forever.”

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Locations include: USA, Europe, Australia, Central America, South America, Russia, Middle East, Iceland, and more!

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