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Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Teresa Ann Foxworthy

as Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach & Personal Advisor

“The wealth of information you provided was so useful. Very professional and insightful! We are very pleased and look forward to having you back for more consultations.”

JL, Lead Designer, Sun Microsystems, Redwood City, CA

“We were losing thousands and you pointed out simple remedies that were as elegant as they were effective.”

C & ML, Alternative Energy Researchers, Greenbrae, CA

“Every suggestion you made was implemented, and now our home is a veritable center for rejuvenation.  What a difference you have made in my home. Everyone who comes here comments on how more enjoyable it is to relax here. Business is picking up and my relationships have dramatically improved.”

MW, TV Producer/Cannes Award-Winning Filmmaker, Encinitas, CA

“How can I thank you! I was living in the basement and my tenants were walking all over me, literally & figuratively. You restored my dignity. And the space clearing & house blessing have begun a new chapter. I doubled my money in the stock market that first week. You relocated me to my success location in my home.  I had never thought of using that room as my bedroom.  Now I am more in control of my affairs and don’t let the tenants boss me around anymore.  My health has improved as well.  Your knowledge of feng shui is superior to any other consultant that I have tried.”

WV, Astrophysicist, San Rafael, CA

“Whatever you say, I’ve learned that you’ve got a special kind of insight into these things. Everything you said to do, I did, and it worked! Thank you so much, you have really given such a wonderful aura to this space, the clients are all acknowledging the improvements, as is the staff.”

– MM, Director, Fitness for Living, San Rafael, CA

“Wow, you are really amazing! I learned so much from you. These sessions are making such a difference in my personal & professional life. You’re right, weekly sessions make all the difference.”

– ML, Business Owner, Ruxton, MD

“Teresa, you did a most comprehensive consultation. First class professionalism, giving me more options than I realized were available. From color consulting to compass directions, furniture choices & layout, I highly recommend you.”

– PP, Director of Chiropractic Clinic, Encinitas, CA

“Your public speaking program helped me immensely. I give regular talks to Fortune 100 companies, on behalf of my non-profit organization dedicated to the homeless. You showed me a new level of professionalism that I really needed to learn.”

– AT, Homeless Foundation, Baltimore, MD

“Thanks to your insightful program, I have reached my goals in spirituality and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in my love relationship.”

– PS, Trouble shooter, Credit Suisse, Basel, Switzerland

“After working with you for only two months, I’m now signing up my psychiatrist wife & two children who are doctors too! This is very good work. You are my guru.”

– RS, Physician, Washington, DC

“Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, and I am engaged to be married! I could never have done this without your insight and support. You are amazing. The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you to be there.”

– SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

“Teresa, you did the work that other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years. I now have a completely different understanding of my ex-wife, and this is helping my relationship with her, as well as our children. I can’t wait for you to help others like you have helped me. Men need this work.”

– WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA

“Talking with you really helped me. I find I am more confident, yet less in my head when meeting new people, so that I can actually enjoy my social interactions. You also helped me with my image development and wardrobe choices. You’re a great personal stylist & life coach! Anyone would benefit from just talking with you.”

– AP, Senior Researcher, Applied Science, Baltimore, MD

“I was 8 months pregnant and so overwhelmed & in pain. Your Reiki Session and Couples coaching were so soothing. I definitely recommend you.”

– LE, Wife & Mother of three, Arlington, VA

“You articulated the problems we’re dealing with and gave insight into their solutions, yet we’d never met you before!”

– GR, Architect, San Francisco, CA

“Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she’s the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I’ve reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life.”

– Mikial, MFCC Therapist, San Diego

“She has been my counselor through some very difficult periods of heartbreak. She is non judgmental, and has a superhuman capacity for compassion that allows her clients to feel loved, cared for and safe. She has been through many trials in her life, and has acquired the emotional intelligence to assist you through most of the difficulties that you might face. She coaches from experience.

“Teresa has an innate intuition and evolved spirituality. She is 100 percent dedicated to healing, awareness, spirituality, woman’s empowerment, happy relationships, and joy.  She demonstrates the capacity to be compassionate, while at the same time holding firm boundaries of self-protection. She can teach you to do the same. Although she takes your issues and feelings seriously, she maintains a sense of humor and is usually up for a good laugh.

– CR, Esthetician, Tiburon, CA

“Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game! Thank you for your insight and support. You are impressive. I definitely recommend your professional services.”

– TL, CEO,, London, UK

“I was completely at a stand-still and you used interesting techniques that quickly shifted things for me. I was amazed at the results. As the weeks go by, I have a clearer picture of what I am really working on to achieve my goals.”

– MT, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Redwood City, CA

“The reading you did for my daughter was fabulous. I just put a check in the mail for you to do me now! You are really gifted.”

– LB, Minister, Tampa, FL

“You’re really, really good at what you do. After eight months of working with you, I have a completely new understanding of relationships and how to pursue them. With this new perspective, I am re-organizing my life. Your presence is powerful and soothing, your voice is calming. The open format allowed me the safety to open up and get help for these issues. Now that I’ve vented decades of repressed feelings, my goal achievement process is a breeze.”

– RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA

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